Monday, August 3, 2009

Trying to survive summer vacation!

We have about a month left until the kids are back in school. I would vote "yes" for year-round schools if a ballot was sent out today (and most days!). I think 3 months of doing nothing is entirely too long. I have been trying to take the kids somewhere one day every week. Last week the vote was for Chuck E. Cheese (ugh!), to say I hate that place is an understatement!!! The next day I was sick, you do the math... This week we are either going to Nauticus in Norfolk or the Norfolk Naval Shipyard Museum in Portsmouth, I guess we'll take a vote later.

With both of them home there is no way I am getting anything done inside the house. The painting has been put on hold (I have 3 windows left to paint in the kitchen), this is just going to have to be put off until September. I haven't been able to dust the bedrooms much less pick up a paint brush!

To make myself feel better I'm posting a picture of the kitchen before and after to remember how far we have come!!!

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