Sunday, October 25, 2009

Olde Towne Portsmouth's Ghost Walk

Every year for Halloween, Portsmouth's Olde Towne (one of our 3 historic neighborhoods) has a Ghost Walk. My kids have been asking me for a month if they could go! We have so much fun listening to all the stories and ending the night with hot apple cider and good friends. If you have a chance and are in our area, you should put this event on your "Must Do" list. If you don't believe in Ghost (and anyone who lives in an old house has to!!!) you will at least enjoy the history and architecture of our city. For more information check out the link:

A past poster and one of my all time favorite houses. It's the "Dr. Madblood House", I'll know you are a local if you know what I mean!!!!

The graveyard, where it all begins!!!

Colonel William Crawford, back from the grave....

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  1. That looks like so much fun, its been years since I have been in Portsmouth but I would love to go back and take this tour when I do! :)


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