Monday, June 7, 2010

Trash & Treasure Monday - Marie Antoinette

The past week I was busy trying to clean before my son was out of school for summer break so I really didn't go anywhere to buy anything! I did however pull out Marie Antoinette and once again ponder on what to do about her appearance. After you see her picture, you'll know why I call her Marie Antoinette!

Marie was my Mother's doll, although I'm not sure when she was given to her I do know that my Great Grandmother Annie made her clothes and hat. As what happens with most of these dolls, the rubber band that held her arms and head on have dried out and fallen apart. I was going to glue the arms and head back on but my husband said I should take her to be fixed. I'm not sure it matters because I'm just going to put her on display, I would never let anyone play with her!

If she were yours what would you do?

Marie with her head

Marie without her head


  1. Kathy,

    I would take her to an antique toy dealer/appraiser and find out her exact age. I am with your husband on this one. I would get her repaired. She is a treasure!

    Your Friend,

  2. is it weird that I like her headless? It brings more attention to the pretty handmade dress. But, If I were going to get her repaired I would def. take it to someone would I knew could do it right. :)

    Thanks so much for participating!


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