Thursday, July 29, 2010

The last week of July

This week I have been working on getting the window hardware cleaned up. All of our hardware downstairs (except for a few pieces that were added later) are very ornate. In the early 1900s the public rooms of your house would have been decorated with "show off" pieces, the rest of the house would have plain decoration. We are lucky that our hardware didn't find itself in the scrap drives during the war years (the back plates are iron but the window hardware is copper).

Here are the before and after pictures. It's hard to believe that the PO couldn't take 5 minutes to remove two screws so that this wouldn't happen. I've said it before, I just don't know what they were thinking!

Here are a few after pictures of our hall. I'm so happy not to be looking at drywall I don't know what to do!

Last night my children decided that playing in the bathroom (something I have always been very adamant they can't do) was a great idea. Now we have learned a valuable lesson about how much weight a curtain rod can support!


  1. Kathy,

    We could make an afternoon exchanging stories about what previous owners did or did not do to our old houses. We too are going through the process of removing paint layer after paint layer on all hardware. Yours look absolutely STUNNING. I'm surprised a previous owner didn't strip the house and list it all on ebay. You have been a busy woman in this heat. It's paying off. Everything looks beautiful!

    Your Friend,

  2. Gosh. Everything is so lovely Kathy.

    This looks like something from a Victoria Magazine. Did you ever read those? Pretty sure they aren't in print anymore. lol.

    Anyways, everything is flawless- keep up the hardwork its paying off!


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