Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The harsh truth....

I need to loose weight... there, I said it.

It's a fact I deal with every day. I have no excuse why I don't work out, I work at the YMCA for crying out loud. When I clock out I see those dedicated people spinning and I think "I should be doing that". But I go home anyway. I'm tired and have mountains of things to do. Everything always comes first, everything except me. Laundry, dishes, dirty bathrooms, preschool work, blogging, grocery shopping, hair cuts, doctors appointments, homework, you name it; it comes first. The problem is I'm over 40 now (another truth) and I'm feeling the extra weight. You know what I mean, you can't get off the floor as easy as before. Your back and knees hurt. Your boobs are too big (yes, this can happen gentlemen!). I hate clothes shopping and looking in mirrors. I don't know that person anymore! What happened to the 22 year old confident girl who moved out of her parents house to be independent and wouldn't let anything stop her? After I had Marty (the first child) I walked 4 miles at least three times a week. I lost all the pregnancy weight and felt great. But then you have another child and the first one doesn't want to be confined so he walks with you. Let me tell you, you can't loose weight walking at a 3 year olds pace. Look a rock! A duck! A squirrel! You name it they stop every 2 minutes to look at something. So I stopped walking. I started working out at the YMCA and it aggravated my knee problem and created a foot problem - so I stopped going.

Today I vow I'm going for a walk. Right now in fact.

I need to put me first.


  1. Kathy I understand! It is so hard to put ourselves first but it's important! Good luck and get walking!! Now where are my shoes!

  2. I am 50 something and I totally understand about the exercise thing. Just remember, don't try to get the before children shape back, that is not meant to be. Just walk to make yourself feel better and get some air, everything else will come easier.

  3. The older I get the more I enjoy walking. I use to be a gym person in college. Now it just seems like a good place to catch a cold bug - plus I don't like worrying about how I look when I exercise. We live in Norfolk, I go walk down by the river near our house or check out what the neighbor's have done new with their yards. It's enjoying and relaxing as well, plus it's free. I do seem to need a new pair of walking shoes every 6 months though. I've even talked my husband into walking in the evening with the dog and I.

  4. Kathy,

    Good for you! You CAN do this You've done it before. You must put your needs up there because if you don't take care of yourself how will all those other things on the list get done? I walk everyday. Not only is it great exercise but it allows me time to center myself - consider my blessings, shake off negativity, etc.

    Your Friend,

  5. Bravo! I too have been trying to get back to me recently. If your looking for a wonderful website that has helped my husband and I check out you can even get healthy delicious recipes on there! Good luck!


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