Friday, September 9, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Homeschool!

Tuesday we started our new adventure... homeschool. So far it's been great. I was telling my husband last night how well we have been doing and he said "You sound surprised". To tell you the truth, I am! I had a huge melt down last week because I was so stressed out about the idea of my children's education being in my hands (I'm sure it didn't help that I was dealing with hurricane preparations and clean up too). After finishing up our week I can now see the beauty of staying home and teaching your own children.

If our local schools were an option I probably never would have taken on this journey. I know I'm only into this one week but I can't see why anyone would oppose this. Last year I cried for over two weeks when Louisa started Kindergarten. I missed having free time with my kids, we couldn't go to the park or the zoo whenever we wanted to. Someone else picked what was important to teach my kids, not what my children wanted to learn and certainly not what Matt and I wanted them to learn. I've had to fight school administrators every step of the way to keep my son challenged. My kids spent all day in school and then came home and had more work to do. I was watching my kids grow up way too fast.

I know this choice is not for everyone but for us it's a perfect fit.

Now here's where it might sticky... this choice was not made because my husband and I are rich and I can "afford" to stay home. The way I look at it we can't afford for me not to stay home. We are making sacrifices because it's what's best for our children. These are their formative years and they need to have the attention of their parents while they still want it. I know there are a lot of Mothers who choose or have to work and my hat is off to them - I don't know how they do it. But for me, my choice has always been that I would stay home with my kids. It's what my Mother did for us and I think it was one of the most important influences I had in my life. I have said many times; My Mother was always there for us each morning when we left for school and she was there for us when we got home. If this is all I can give my kids then I'm okay with that. Right now, I feel that I am giving them the best gift I can give them - my time.

I like that after we do Math and Language Arts we can do a little of this....

I asked them today if they like being home or if they missed going to school. They both said this was where they wanted to be. Who am I to question them?



  1. Kathy,

    BRAVO! I am so happy that you decided to follow your heart and home school. I agree 100% the most important thing we can give our children is our time. I am one of the few that has always said women can NOT have it all -- home, family, full-time career. One always suffers. Some may protest but unfortunately there is always evidence proving otherwise -- messy, unorganized home; no home cooked meals; unattended to children or children that are so used to organized care they show no initiative to do anything unless told and lose all creativeness; exhausted marriages sustained on memories because their is no time for each other; and/or a poor employee. Children are NOT just an accomplishment to be checked off a to-do list. Marriage is sacred; being a home-maker a privilege; being a mother a blessing. I admire your choice! I wish you a successful home-schooling year.

    Your Friend,

  2. Glad you are so easily adapting to you new adventure!!! You will NEVER be sorry! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. We used to always start the day after Labor day, too. If more mommies understood that the reason they "cried for 2wks" after sending their kids off to school was because it was severing the NATURAL bonds of mother and child, there might be a lot more homeschoolers! Keep up the great work! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  3. I actually miss my friends from school, mom. I still love homeschool!


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