Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wow, I have a Blog!

So after some pondering, I decided to create a blog so that I could post some of the craziness that goes on here! The four of us live in a 1900's American Foursquare. Although it's not perfect, it's our home and we love it.

This weekend was the Fourth of July holiday. We decided to stay home and enjoy the new pool, cookout on the grill and watch the Norfolk fireworks from our front porch (did I tell you I loved living here????). Here are a few pictures from this weekend....
My niece, Ashley, came over to watch the kids. It's great to have a 15 year old that likes kids.

The city of Norfolk had fireworks this year on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night! Lucky for us we can watch them from our house and miss all the traffic. My kids decided to dress up for the Saturday night show.

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