Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas decorations done!

It’s taken a week but I’ve finally finished decorating the house! I am a little disappointed because I didn’t use my bubble lights this year. I was going to put them on a small tree in the kitchen and decorate it with silver cookie cutters but I can’t find the base so I guess I’ll just pass (and I was so looking forward to gloating about having 6 trees this year!!!). I love our big 9’ tree in the front parlor but it takes almost 3 days to get it up and decorated. I still haven’t found my “Christmas spirit” yet but I think now that the work is finished I’ll begin to enjoy the holiday!

We are taking the kids to Bass Pro Shop tomorrow to see Santa’s Wonderland; as one of my friends said “Nothing Screams Christmas like Bass Pro Shop!”. My kids like going there on a normal day, I’m sure they’ll love it even more tomorrow.
My vintage silver tree ~ I just love it!
After the kids go to bed tonight I’m going to pop in one of my favorite Christmas shows and relax!

I hope your holiday preparations are going well and you are enjoying yourselves!!!


  1. ohh!! I love the last photo! Everything is so cute! Well done!

  2. Thanks Victoria! I put some lights in my punch bowl and turned the cups upside down to hide the cord.


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