Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New concrete floor, dust and "A Major Award"!

Up until the first of the week we were still pumping water out of our basement. Unfortunately there are too many cracks in the floor and walls to keep the water out so we decided to have new concrete poured over the floor. The guys came Tuesday morning to start as I was leaving to go to work. The door to the basement is in our kitchen, it wasn't originally but now that it has been opened up to one big room... there it is. It would be nice to have an outside access for just these types of occasions but a girl can't have everything. Needless to say I had a mess to clean up when I came home. It's amazing how far dust can travel in your house! We don't have a door closing off the kitchen to the rest of the house (we found it this summer in the shed and are thinking about putting it back up - I think now I'm leaning towards "put it back up") so the mess wasn't contained to just the kitchen. Oh well, my house is now REALLY clean and the new floor should help with the water problem.

Now about that award! Victoria at Confessions of a New/Old Home Owner awarded me with the "Superior Scribbler Award"! Yea, thanks Victoria!!!!!

As the rules for the award indicate I must pass it on to 5 noteworthy blogs - here is a link to the rules:

I am going to pass this Award on to the following Blogs that I enjoy:

Stephanie at The Nienie Dialogues
Thanks for making us see there is a purpose to our lives and we should strive to live them to the fullest each day!

K at 1902 Victorian
For letting us see the struggles some people go through to become a family and for sharing the good and the bad. Oh, yea and for all the work they have put into their home!

Rosie at Pondicherry Cottage
For making me green with envy at all the wonderful things she finds at garage sales and thrift stores!

Tiffany at Plain Jane Victorian
For preserving a wonderful Victorian home and doing it the right way!

Nora at Raising Laura
For not only saving one wonderful piece of history but doing it twice! I admire your compassion!

Keep on writing Ladies!

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  1. I feel your pain on the whole dust issue. Were remodeling the upstairs bath and after cleaning the house yesterday I managed to track new white dust prints down the stairs and out the back door before I noticed. Sometimes you cant win.


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