Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stuff vs. Treasure!

Thursday I went into our shed (seen here to the left of the kids) to look for a net. I have been in there many times, usually I just sigh and close the door. It's an eyesore and a full of at least 90 years of "stuff" left by previous owners. Our neighbor had a shed next to it, so close in fact you couldn't walk between the two if you tried, he tore it down shortly after this picture was taken. When his came down we realized that the wall that touched his was so rusted it was only being held up by that rust. We got a friendly call from our neighborhood Inspector and then my Brother-in-Law came to replace that side. We would love to tear it down and replace it but it was built right on our property line and now with all the rules we would have to do some creative building. So, for now... it stays.

This is a picture of our shed that was taken approximately 100 years ago when it was first built! Look how straight it is, no rust, no dings in the metal, BEAUTIFUL! The Aspegren family must have built it before they left sometime around 1911. It has been modified a little over time but largely remains the same.

Now, getting back to the net... So I went inside to look for a net and I spied a red lantern that Matt and I bought years ago on one of our camping trips. I thought it would look cute on the porch so I pulled it off the shelf (which I could barely reach!). As I did something fell and I grabbed it. To my surprise, it was this...

I'm not sure what it is or who left it there but I assume it's a fancy bracket from a piece of furniture. If you look closely you will see the carving is of a woman's face. It's beautiful to say the least. I've looked on that shelf at least 100 times and I never saw it. Most of the time I only find "stuff" this time I think I found a Treasure!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Kathy,

    What a wonderful find! It's a corbel. It was from the house or as you stated, furniture. Isn't it funny how much stuff we accumulate by shopping or inheriting and don't even realize what we have in our possession? I have boxes packed full of things -- good things and antiques -- that I must go through and decide if I am going to use them or sell them. I think that's why I admire Victoria so much. She buys something and that same day it has a place and is being used in her home. If we lived closer we could help each other sort through it all...we'd probably end up just swopping boxes! The photo of the original family on the shed is a treasure! I wish I could find things out about the original family in The Fairfield House. Any suggestions how? Can't you just renovate the shed one wall at a time (like your brother in law did to the rusty wall?) That way no one would notice and you'd have a 'new' shed!


  2. Okay seriously... this is such an awesome post! I can't believe you have that photo of the shed from 100 years ago- much less found something worthwhile in the shed itself! What a wonderful find! What are you going to do with it? You should find some way to incorporate it into your house again! I can't wait to see what you do with it!


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