Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend recap

Saturday we went to a flea market in Gloucester VA, it was mostly junk (and by that I mean JUNK!!) but I was able to find one dealer that had great stuff.

Glass washboard by National Washboard Company

Tin signs (okay, I got them at Big Lots but they were $6 each - I couldn't pass them up!), curling iron and Shopping Reminder list

Arrow backed chair for my desk (I should have gotten all 3, what was I thinking???)

Goofs ready for the Flea Market

The kids started their weekend off by having the first sleep out on the porch. Of course if you're going to sleep on the porch you HAVE to watch a movie and eat popcorn, don't be ridiculous!

We had a really nice weekend spending quality time with each other. I may have even snuck in a new Keurig coffee maker I have been wanting for 2 years (a girls gotta have priorities!).


  1. Kathy,

    Sounds like a great weekend! I like your glass washboard. You are so lucky to have sleeping porches! We would love to add one to the Fairfield House.


  2. My Grandma had that same grocery list so long ago!You are blessed to have two helpers to come along to the flea market with you. Enjoy every minute of it! Mine are too big now. :(

  3. And let me just say coffee is my one addiction, vice and comfort when things go helter skelter. When Mr.Major and I met it was on account of coffee!

    It looks like you had a wonderful time at the market- the kids too! I have been wanting one of those old washboards for when I re-do my laundry room but I just can't bring myself to getting any of the decor stuff until the room itself has been remodeled.

    I love love love the tin signs. They are going to look so charming- we have a store here called Southern Hospitality and they have a ton of that stuff- and cheap too. Next time I'm in there I will snap some pictures and let you see if I can ship you anything you like.

    Big lots has amazing decor books in our area- like the ones you buy at lows for 14 dollars- are only 3 dollars here. Its crazy!

  4. Kathy, thank you for visiting, sugar, and good luck with your house. Truly, I LOOOOOVE what you did with your little laundry room. Just looks so cute with those curtains billowing in the breeze. Here in the desert we don't leave our windows open very often, chickee! I lived in Yorktown in the very early 60s and met my hubby there.

  5. Just love flea markets!! great finds. thank you for stopping by and entering my give away and thanks so much for following! Like you I hate it when I get home and think....should I have gotten that? oh well. have a great day!!

  6. I just love flea markets. You can find the best stuff there if you have a good eye.


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