Monday, February 8, 2010

Bathroom troubles...

This is our upstairs bathroom.
It's the one we all use everyday. We have a brand new bathroom downstairs, it's bigger and has a shower. That's the "guest bathroom"! Here's my problem, I hate looking at the plumbing under the sink. Does anyone have a solution for this? I have seen the curtains that you hang underneath the sink but I think that would just be a dust collector (and I don't need anymore to dust!).

I know that anyone else would want a big huge bathroom (to accommodate 4 people) but I like this bathroom. It's the original room where the bathtub and sink were (the watercloset was at the end of our hall) and I'm all about "original"! I don't want to replace the sink if I don't have to but this might be the only solution.

I would love to hear how other old house people have fixed this problem!


  1. Love the fabric you picked! I have seen a few solutions for similar problems, but just know I don't think it takes away very much from the over all look of your bathroom, so I wouldn't replace such a beautiful sink.

    My moms neighbor had the same issue in her old home and shes super crafty. She too didn't like the idea of dust collecting- so she sewed a small curtain for under the sink but used adhesive Velcro under the sink to attach the curtain. This made taking it down a snap- so each week when she gathered the dirty linens and rugs she would just pull the curtain and give it a quick wash.

    I really liked this example

    The other is actually a caddy that was designed for creating extra storage under pedestal sinks, but it should work for this space. You could collect vintage bottles or something to take the focus off the pipes.

    The last idea I have seen is something that might take some rigging. But something like this might be a good idea too.

  2. Thank you Victoria! I knew I could count on you, I love the skirt. Maybe I'll re-think that idea. You should see the crazy bathtub that I have hidden behind that shower curtain!!!!!

  3. Kathy,

    We have pedestal sinks in all our bathrooms and they actually have a porcelain base that is a shell and covers the pipes. You can see it here:
    I'm sure you could just purchase this piece.

    I left our original bathroom as is also. I love your black and white tiled floor. Is that original?

    - Deborah

  4. Deborah,

    Unfortunately, nothing but the walls are original. The tub was probably added in the 50s, I'll have to post a picture with the curtain open. The floor was old, broken linoleum tiles (I still have them in our closet), we added the toilet and sink - the original sink was rusted so badly at the bottom there were pieces missing. Two years ago we removed the 70s vinyl surround and added black and white tile. It makes me sad that so much was stripped out of this house and some really horrible "updates" were done. I do love my tub because it's so big but I would have liked to have the original one!

    Thanks so much for your comments, it means a lot to me.

  5. Hey there, just found this entry, so if you haven't yet made the sink skirt, I have the exact thing in my bathroom. But, because of the size, a skirt would make it too crowded. Anywho, you can buy silver spray paint to cover the red and blue hoses and the lower part of the drain pipe. Hmm, what about painting the underside of the bowel red to match your toile (lots of coats, but cool glossy red look)?
    If you ever decide to get an original-era sink, the lip is MUCH lower (mine doesn't show the lower half of the bowl underneath). For example, my sink is cast iron, screws into the wall with a bracket, but the lip comes down to the top of the U in the drain pipe.


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