Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day!

Do you know what these are?

This is what Portsmouth looked like when we woke up Saturday

Almost 5" and counting.

I LOVE MY RADIATORS (had them drying clothes and shoes in 2 rooms)!!!!!

Having fun

A view from upstairs

Hot chocolate made with snow (we made snow cream after dinner)

Going for a walk

Snow fort

Found a snowman

Snowy streets

One of my favorite houses (love the roof)

The Clayton House

We haven't seen this much snow in ten years. To say my kids were excited is an understatement. I'm dreaming of warmer weather and time on my porch but for now I'll enjoy their excitement and keep the hot chocolate flowing!

What is the answer to my question? They're Virginia "snow" boots, of course!

Hope your weekend was nice!


  1. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos! The snow makes me so jealous! Were only in the 50's these days, and I am fairly certain our 'cold' weather is over with for the season. Your kids look like they had a wonderful time!

  2. Kathy,

    Did you get more snow this weekend? Here in NJ we got over 2 feet yesterday with an additional 10 more in the forecast today! I'm not sure where in VA you are located, I know No VA also got hit bad.
    Love the photographs and the fact that you are celebrating the season instead of complaining about it (as so many others are!)


  3. Deborah,
    We are about a 1/2 hour from Virginia Beach. We are getting snow now but not that much, only about 2" forecasted. We had fun and since it doesn't happen all the time I just enjoyed it (I remember being a kid once upon a time!!). I am ready for spring and and dreaming about what to do with our porches this year! Stay warm and Thanks for the comments!


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