Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tales from the bathroom

This is what our bathroom looked like before we took the 1970s surround out and put up tile. We call the bathtub the toe cracker! Isn't it nice how it sticks out in the middle of the room? I love the tub because of the size but just can't imagine what they were thinking when this bathroom was "designed". Originally I think it only had a tub and sink; the toilet was at the end of the hall. There were so many problems with the tub, I can't even begin to mention them.

See the crack at the bottom of the surround? It couldn't begin to hold enough caulk to keep the water out. This picture was taken after we pulled all the old caulk off which led to the surround tearing, my husband saying a few choice words followed by "Call Buzz (our friend/handyman/brother-in-law) and see when he can tile it" ~ Yea!!

This is what it looked like after the tile was complete (we didn't have the curtain up yet). It's still the toe cracker but at lease it looks better and doesn't leak!


  1. Kathy,

    The tile job makes it look 100% better! Do you have a claw foot tub?


  2. ooh. I love it with the tile. It looks much much better. Have you decided what to do with your under sink issue?

  3. Victoria,
    I was thinking about asking our friend if he could build a cabinet to go around it, I could really use the storage.

  4. I found your blog listed on oldhouses.com. My husband and I bought a fixer upper in Colonial Place. Your great photos keep me inspired! Portsmouth has such beautiful old homes. We'd be there too now if it wasn't for the tunnel traffic. I'd love to see a post where you show rooms as they were when it was a three unit home and then a photo of the same room today. Good luck with your continuing projects. Your bathroom looks great. The curtains are a nice contrast with the yellow paint as well.


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