Monday, May 31, 2010

Trash & Treasure Monday

My friend Victoria at Confessions of a New/Old Home Owner has started hosting Trash & Treasure Monday and I thought I would join in on the fun! I stop in at the local Goodwill at least once every two weeks (or more if I can get away with it!) but this week I decided to hit a few antique stores. I was looking for a bookshelf for my son's room and I found everything but the bookshelf! Here are just a few of my treasures.

Matt and I got a much needed day to ourselves and decided to drive to North Carolina to a Antique Mall I had seen on Craigslist. They have wonderful things but I'm a savvy shopper and I not only want a treasure, I want a bargain! This store was reasonable but I know if I'm keep looking I can find what I want at a great price.

Matt found these pictures for the kitchen.

I finally found a small table that would fit between my swing and the wall (for my morning coffee). It matches the sun I have hanging on the wall!

I got this lovely birdcage from Victoria's Etsy shop and wanted something to put in it. I had a nest but it wasn't exactly right so I got this little figurine in NC. Matt said it wasn't right either!

Here's a close up, Momma bird feeding her chick.

I picked out this cute little pair of kittens at a road side yard sale.

NAPCO Goodwill find.

White wicker shelf for the bathroom.

A school desk for Marty's room, the best price of the week $24! It's in perfect condition, I almost tripped over Marty trying to buy it.

I had a nice week and got almost 2 full days of "kid free" time. This doesn't happen often so when the opportunity presents itself - I'm all over it! Marty only has 3 more days of school. I'm looking forward to being able to wake up without an alarm clock but really I always dread summer break! We'll get through, we always do, but it's hard to fill up 3 months with fun filled activities.

Happy Memorial Day from The Eykamp Haus!


  1. Seriously you put me to shame! These are such amazing finds! The desk is so sweet! What an amazing find. And I adore that table with the lovely sun face on it. Everything is wonderful! Thank you so much for participating- your a natural. :)

  2. oh and that fire place behind the desk for Marty. That whole set up makes me so jealous. I wish our home had a beautiful fire place like yours!

  3. Kathy,

    It's wonderful that you got some time to yourself and alone with Matt this past week. Everyone needs that. Great finds treasure hunting! I like the desk and kittens (are they Staffordshire?) I also got a bird cage from Victoria's Whimsy Etsy Shop and will showcase it at next Monday's Trash and Treasure!
    Your Friend,
    PS My Da was a Navy man!

  4. Deborah, the kittens are marked Japan. I thought I would try them in the birdcage but they were too small! Can't wait to see what you did with your birdcage....

  5. Nice finds! How fun to go on the hunt with your hubby. Enjoy your summer months with the kids. They pass so quickly, you'll be wanting them back!


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