Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring clean

Yesterday we spent part of the day cleaning the basement and side porch. We have 5 porches so it gets a little confusing when naming them ~ take this to Daddy, he's on the porch (now watch the kids run around looking for which porch he is actually on!). I know this isn't very exciting but we really needed to clean it up, it was getting very junky out there and I could only walk about halfway through. We primarily use this porch for storage since we don't have any. There are a plethora of goods out there but unfortunately the roof leaks so I can't use it the way I would like. For now I guess it will just hold the old paint, chemicals, yard toys and our freezer.

We had new concrete poured a couple of months ago in the basement (don't remind me of the mess it made in my house!) so it's pretty clean down there. There are 2 old hot water heaters that need to come out so Matt tried to push them through the window which resulted in the window breaking and my kids learning a new word (oh, who am I kidding... they already knew it!).

It's the little things in life that are usually forgotten. My husband and me throwing trash out the window into a garbage can listening to our children talking and blowing bubbles on their swing. It might sound boring to some but to me, it was a nice.

Whatever you did this weekend I hope you thought it was nice too.


  1. Not boring at all- these are my favorite types of projects oddly enough. I love labeling and finding a place for everything. It makes my husband insane! I got your post card today! :)

  2. I use this one website online that basically keeps a running list of all Flea markets in each state. So I am slowly going down the list in my own time. Sometimes they are great, and some times not so much but its always an adventure. Sometimes I like to type the address into google and see what people have reviewed each market as so I am prepared. Anyways, heres the link for Virginia.

  3. Kathy,

    I WISH Thomas and I could get into our basement and clean it out. Unfortunately, it's still flooded! In the end, it's not the big, grand scale days we recall. It's all the little moments spent in the company of those we love most.



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