Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Saturday the kids and I met my friend Julie and her girls in Richmond. They live in Charlottesville, Richmond is in between us so that is usually our destination. I met her 15 years ago (on the same day I met my husband) and since that day she has been one of my best friends. We have been through a lot in 15 year and we can still talk on the phone for 4 hours, meet 3 days later and have plenty to say.

We went to Richmond National Battlefield at Tredegar Iron Works. Our plan was to do something (anything) outside! We packed a picnic and after a trip to the Visitor Center went across the street and enjoyed the warmer weather.

Civil War Visitor Center

Beautiful Richmond

The kids with Abe and Tad!

Aaah, spring (please note the lack of coats!).

Sunday Matt worked in the yard trying to clear out "winter". The kids were outside all day, they even ate lunch on the porch. I'm glad that finally Spring has arrived in Virginia.

Cheap entertainment.

Bike rides and snacks.

We taught the kids to play UNO - it's now their favorite game.

The best thing about this weekend is that my kids realized that they really didn't need to sit in front of the television all day to enjoy themselves!

Welcome Spring!!!!!!!!


  1. Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time out in the sunshine! Over the weekend Mr. Major was reluctant to work out in the yard but I talked him into it and after a while he had a very sunny disposition. Amazing what a little vitamin 'D' can do for a person- eh?

    Its been many years since I was last in Richmond but it looks just a beautiful as I remember. Thanks so much for sharing. Let me just say, you have the most happy go lucky children, they always look like they are having such a blast.

    How wonderful you have a St. Francis in your garden. I did a lot of reading up on him and he led the most fascinating life. One of the few people who actually 'practiced what he preached' so to speak. :)

    I hope I don't make you feel that way! I look at how happy your children are and how lovely your home is and hope that someday I will keep up with you! Taking care of little ones is a 24 hour a day job and nothing to scoff at. The fact you have time to read my humble blog is entirely flattering to me. So I assure you the pleasure is all mine. :)

  2. Kathy,

    What a wonderful lesson your children learned -- no TV needed! So glad it was warm enough to get over cabin fever. Friends like the one you described are best -- the kind you can not see for a while but you pick up right where you left off! I agree with Victoria -- your children do seem happy all the time! Are you using photoshop or medication? HA! (Yes, I am kidding.) Glad your husband got some fresh air and a jump start on yard work. I have no doubt you all slept soundly after all that fresh air!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Medication works well ;-) They are happy kids - even though their Mom looses it sometimes. I think it helps that my husband and I both feel that no matter how hard (and with one income it's very hard) it's important for me to stay home with them. For all the struggle, I would't trade a minute of it.


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