Sunday, October 25, 2009

Olde Towne Portsmouth's Ghost Walk

Every year for Halloween, Portsmouth's Olde Towne (one of our 3 historic neighborhoods) has a Ghost Walk. My kids have been asking me for a month if they could go! We have so much fun listening to all the stories and ending the night with hot apple cider and good friends. If you have a chance and are in our area, you should put this event on your "Must Do" list. If you don't believe in Ghost (and anyone who lives in an old house has to!!!) you will at least enjoy the history and architecture of our city. For more information check out the link:

A past poster and one of my all time favorite houses. It's the "Dr. Madblood House", I'll know you are a local if you know what I mean!!!!

The graveyard, where it all begins!!!

Colonel William Crawford, back from the grave....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kitchen Cabinets finished (finally!)

Our original kitchen was horrible and I'm not exaggerating one bit. It was incredibly small and the pantry had been turned into a full bathroom. It's GREAT to have a bathroom in your kitchen - the nicest touch was the transom over the door so you could hear everything! At one point there had been a fire and instead of replacing the damaged plaster the walls and ceiling had been covered with knotty pine paneling (I'm guessing it went great with avocado green appliances!!). Part of the floor had been ruined when the washer, which drained into a utility sink, constantly overflowed in the floor and rotted everything it touched. Most of the back of our house was at best a cobble job (and I am being polite!). I don't ever want to tear down 100 year old plaster or hardwood floors but sometimes it just can't be helped. When the demolition was started I blocked off that part of the house and wouldn't look until it had all been hauled away.

I tried to blend the kitchen into the rest of the house but it's hard to make new appliances and cabinets look "period". The cabinets have the same trim that our doors and windows have, Matt wanted stainless appliances so I bought vintage aluminum accessories to try to tie it all together. I think I miss my floor the most, but you can't look back and it is much easier to clean!

I got my last two cabinets and the toe kicks last week and our very dear friend Buzz Guyot came over to install them.





This is what happens when you ask my daughter a question, you become her best friend and she in turn will be your best helper ever! If the toe kicks fall off, I'll know why. Buzz, you're a saint!!!

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