Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend recap

Saturday we went to a flea market in Gloucester VA, it was mostly junk (and by that I mean JUNK!!) but I was able to find one dealer that had great stuff.

Glass washboard by National Washboard Company

Tin signs (okay, I got them at Big Lots but they were $6 each - I couldn't pass them up!), curling iron and Shopping Reminder list

Arrow backed chair for my desk (I should have gotten all 3, what was I thinking???)

Goofs ready for the Flea Market

The kids started their weekend off by having the first sleep out on the porch. Of course if you're going to sleep on the porch you HAVE to watch a movie and eat popcorn, don't be ridiculous!

We had a really nice weekend spending quality time with each other. I may have even snuck in a new Keurig coffee maker I have been wanting for 2 years (a girls gotta have priorities!).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

An unexpected remodel

Friday my big plan was to pick out new eye glasses. Funny how one little unexpected event can change your entire weekend. I decided to wash a load of clothes before I went to the optometrist and sometime around the "spin cycle" my leisurely weekend plans had changed. I have heard of people being possessed and even houses being possessed but never have I heard of a washing machine being possessed until Friday. Our laundry room is upstairs (one of the best ideas Matt ever had) and I was downstairs on my computer when I heard a horrible noise. I ran upstairs and our 2 year old washer had completely spun around backwards and was only being tethered by the water hoses attached to the wall! The drum had cracked and caused it to spin out of control. Matt was home so he called one of his customers (Appliance Enterprises - YEA!) and was told it was cheaper to get a new one. So we ordered the washer and dryer Matt has been dreaming about for at least 6 months (he doesn't even do the laundry!).

I couldn't put this beautiful new washer and dryer in my current laundry room, it would probably be too embarrassed to live there! After we took everything out we decided we should paint since we only had primer on the walls. Friday night and all day Saturday was spent patching, painting and cleaning but I think the outcome was well worth it!

Before (I forgot to take one with everything in there - trust me it was UGLY!)

Louisa making sure Uncle Buzz doesn't fall off the roof!


Do you like my curtains? A line, clothes pins and vintage inspired towels, I love it!

The floor needs to be replaced, the gas needs to be hooked up for the dryer and I'm going to start looking for a white floor cabinet but for $40 I think we did a great job.

Also it gave me much needed time with my husband, I had forgotten how well we work together. Can it be possible that a day of painting and patching a room can repair a marriage too? I think we are on the right track...


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I like "stuff" too!

Yesterday my post was about finding a Treasure. After I wrote the post I got ready and dropped a bag off at the Goodwill Store around the corner. Any good bargain hunter would surely go in, so I did. I got some more stuff, just because I wanted it (and this week I deserve a splurge!).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stuff vs. Treasure!

Thursday I went into our shed (seen here to the left of the kids) to look for a net. I have been in there many times, usually I just sigh and close the door. It's an eyesore and a full of at least 90 years of "stuff" left by previous owners. Our neighbor had a shed next to it, so close in fact you couldn't walk between the two if you tried, he tore it down shortly after this picture was taken. When his came down we realized that the wall that touched his was so rusted it was only being held up by that rust. We got a friendly call from our neighborhood Inspector and then my Brother-in-Law came to replace that side. We would love to tear it down and replace it but it was built right on our property line and now with all the rules we would have to do some creative building. So, for now... it stays.

This is a picture of our shed that was taken approximately 100 years ago when it was first built! Look how straight it is, no rust, no dings in the metal, BEAUTIFUL! The Aspegren family must have built it before they left sometime around 1911. It has been modified a little over time but largely remains the same.

Now, getting back to the net... So I went inside to look for a net and I spied a red lantern that Matt and I bought years ago on one of our camping trips. I thought it would look cute on the porch so I pulled it off the shelf (which I could barely reach!). As I did something fell and I grabbed it. To my surprise, it was this...

I'm not sure what it is or who left it there but I assume it's a fancy bracket from a piece of furniture. If you look closely you will see the carving is of a woman's face. It's beautiful to say the least. I've looked on that shelf at least 100 times and I never saw it. Most of the time I only find "stuff" this time I think I found a Treasure!

Happy Wednesday!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring break

The kids and I had a week off for Spring Break. Lucky for us the weather decided to cooperate and we had very warm days. Not so lucky for us the pollen decided to drop but it didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves outside.

We did a little of this...

A little of this...

A little of this...

And even got to do some of this...

We got off to a rocky start (3 hour trip to Target with kids = not so much fun) but I think if asked both would admit we had a nice break. I even got to have some time to myself not once but twice! The kids spent the night with my parents (old movie marathon!) and I got to catch up with 2 friends from High School that I haven't seen in, well let's just say a lot of years!

I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you and you got to put your feet up - at least for a little while!
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