Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm thankful...

he can still make me laugh after 16 years

we waited to get married

my Father is my hero

his father is his hero

he's a father

I didn't miss a minute of it

that he's curious

I still have a my best friend

I got a second chance

they love each other

we chose wisely

they were born on the same day

we took on this project

it snowed for them this year

she makes me smile 1000 times a day

Sometimes I forget all that I have.
I could name at least a hundred more but these are the highlights.
What are you Thankful for this year?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random thoughts

Where I've been and why I'm so tired!
I'm not sure why I haven't found time to write a new post, I guess life was just getting in the way. I don't know many Moms who aren't busy, especially if you have small children and I still don't know how Moms who have full time jobs outside of the home do it. From the time I get up in the morning until I drag myself to bed (usually around Midnight) I am always doing something. There are nights when I just can't clean up the kitchen without taking a break first and then I end up cleaning it at 10 p.m. There is always a load of laundry to do, a lunch to pack, a toy to pick up or a toilet that needs to be scrubbed (not my favorite job!). I'm not complaining but I never knew how much my Mother did until I became a Mother. It's just not something you can fully understand until you are actually living that life and walking in those oh so tired shoes.

This weekend I heard my 9 year old mumble under his breath that I was a "Nag". Oh, boy did he get an ear full! My kids don't need to thank me for all I do but they do need to understand how much I do for them and know that I do it willingly because it's my job. I have always been a hard worker, I never do anything half way if I can help it. Both of my parents were hard workers and they instilled that work ethic into all of their kids. My husband also works hard, hopefully my kids will value the example we are setting and when they are adults will put their all into whatever they choose to do.

A life lesson
This year has been quite a trial for our family and I am trying to learn the lesson I am being taught. Sometimes I don't know what that lesson is and sometimes I get angry that I have been chosen to learn it. My husband and I are good people, we are not perfect but if my life came to an end now I wouldn't regret the things I have done. We are nice to people, we do what we can to help our neighbors, friends and family. I have chosen a job that doesn't even begin to pay our debt but I do it because I love children and I want to be a special part of their life. I jokingly call my husband George Baily (from It's a Wonderful Life) but truth be told he will help his friends and customers sometimes even to the detriment of himself and his family. We are always giving our travel money away! Hopefully the lesson I will learn is; "it pays to be nice". Unfortunately I don't always think this is true. I see too many people who are cheats and liars getting ahead because of their callous ways, it makes me sad and angry. I would rather be George Baily than Mr. Potter any day, even if that means we will never get to go on our holiday.

A new project?
This weekend my husband decided that he would move is home office to our third floor and then we could move my son's room across the hall. This is not going to be an easy move because our 3rd floor is currently filled with junk. The room is in good shape but we will have to do major cleaning, re-wiring, some plaster work and painting. The current office is going to have to go through the same thing before my son can move in. This will leave a vacant room that hopefully will become a family room. I'm very excited and nervous about these projects.

A day of thanks
Thanksgiving is next week and I'm looking forward to a little down time. I'm not sure I'll get that but a girl can dream, can't she? I hope everyone will stop to think about all they have and why they should be thankful, not just stuff themselves silly and watch football! And if you really need a good laugh... ask a 3 year old what they are thankful for. The top answers in my Preschool were chocolate and pillow pets!

Life should be that simple for all of us.
Have a great Thanksgiving!!
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