Monday, November 2, 2009

Cast Iron Radiator Humidifiers

I love my radiators, it's one of the things that will not change as long as we own the house. I'm not sure when they were added (originally the house was heated by eight coal burning fireplaces) but I'm glad they are here now. There's no blowing air (because really, do I need more dust in the air?), they're great for drying rain coats and when I'm really cold I can sit on them and warm up in no time!

One of the disadvantages of radiant heat is; it really dries the air out. For years I have been searching for ceramic radiator humidifiers like my Aunt Ute has. She brought them over from Germany when she married my Uncle. I searched the Internet but only found those ugly metal things that you clip onto radiators. This was the basic idea but they were so ugly I couldn't bring myself to buy them! Last year I was searching again when Ta-Da!!!!! I found Tullula's Treasures. She had a similar story and luckily for us she worked in ceramics and decided to make (and sell) her own. This is the second year I have used them and, not only do they look beautiful, they do a great job of adding moisture to the air.

I recommend these to anyone who has the same problem. Check out her website for more information:


Kitchen close up:

Front Parlor:

Dinning Room:


  1. It makes me wish I had radiators in our house- even though we would never use them! (living in FL you dont really need heat often). Great find tho!

  2. Hi and thank you for your wonderful words regarding "Tullula's" I am Tullula and it is a great pleasure to find my made in America humidifiers. Thank You Again!!


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